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Assault is a serious crime that can come with severe penalties. It is helpful to understand the nature of the assault and how the Ohio legal system defines this crime. These cases can get complicated, and we understand that in our practice, and we know that understanding the nuance in assault cases is the only way to help our clients get the best possible results.

What Qualifies as Assault?

Assault has various qualifications based on the type of assault that has been committed; however, in general, it is the idea of causing harm to another person through a physical attack, which can happen in various circumstances.

Types of Assault

There are three types of assault under Ohio law, and the type of assault makes an important difference in an assault case. The first type is assault, and to prove this type of assault, it must be proven that either a person knew that they were going to hurt another person or acted recklessly, which caused that harm. Negligent assault is an assault that happens because someone was negligent, and it happens when someone uses a dangerous weapon or other dangerous behaviors. Finally, felonious assault occurs when someone causes severe harm to another person knowingly or wanted to harm someone using a weapon or dangerous behavior.

What are the Penalties for Assault?

The penalties for assault vary based on the nature of the assault.

  • Assault usually is a first-degree misdemeanor, and the jail time can be up to 180 days, and the fine can be up to $1000. People convicted of this crime can be on probation for up to five years.
  • Negligent assault is a third-degree misdemeanor, and it can come with probation for up to five years. The fine can be up to $500, and people can end up in jail for a maximum of sixty days.
  • Felonious assault is most often a second-degree felony, and the fine can be up to $15,000, and it may come with a maximum of eight years in jail. Furthermore, it may result in up to five years of probation.

There are also all the non-legal penalties that may come with an assault charge. Activities like getting a job can be harder when you have an assault charge and certain professions like teaching. Plus, social interactions can be complicated when you have a public record of an assault conviction.

What Can an Assault Defense Attorney in Franklin County Do?

An assault defense lawyer in Franklin County can help clients get the best outcomes if they have been arrested for an assault charge. We can also help them understand what the charges mean and what their legal rights are. We provide guidance to our clients so that they are always acting in their best interests.

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