Breathalyzer Test Lawyer Columbus Ohio

Breathalyzer Test Lawyer Columbus, Ohio

Breathalyzer Tests are commonly used by law enforcement to determine if someone has consumed alcohol. If you fail one of these tests, you may face severe consequences for driving under the influence of alcohol. These tests are generally highly accurate, but there are certain occasions when people may experience false positives.

How Does a Breathalyzer Test Work?

When a person is given a breathalyzer test, they are asked to blow into a tube. This tube uses that breath to determine your B.A.C. or how much alcohol is in your blood. This number determines whether a person is within the legal limit for alcohol. This information can then be used in D.U.I. cases. Some issues such as miscalibrated breathalyzer machines, medical issues, or the timing of the test can cause rare false positives.

What Happens if you Fail a Breathalyzer Test?

With a failed breathalyzer test, a person will be arrested for D.U.I. Thus, whenever you fail a breathalyzer test, it is best to look for a breathalyzer test lawyer in Columbus to answer any questions you may have and give you legal guidance if you need it.

Can a Breathalyzer Test Be Wrong?

The first thing you should note is that breathalyzer tests are very rarely wrong. They have high accuracy rates; however, there are certain scenarios that may cause these tests to give inaccurate results, which you may want to keep in mind.

Medical conditions, for example, can cause alcohol to linger in your mouth. These conditions generally relate to having increased stomach acid. They can cause a person to have more alcohol in their mouth without having that much alcohol in their blood. Some medications may also have alcohol. For example, cough medicine or even mouthwash may cause you to have alcohol in your mouth and cause a false positive.

Environmental factors also play a role in the accuracy of these tests. Chemicals in the air can have a bad impact on the test. Further, if the administrator of the test has not maintained their device, there can also be false positives. Proper cleaning can help prevent such incidents.

Certain foods may also cause a positive without you drinking alcohol. Sugar-free foods may use sugar alcohols that can make the test positive. Additionally, when things are fermented, they may make it seem like you have ingested an alcoholic beverage. Interestingly, non-alcoholic beer and other drinks can have this effect on a D.U.I. test, even if they aren’t actually alcoholic. You can even have a positive alcohol test from overripe fruits.

How a D.U.I. Breath Test Lawyer in Columbus can Help?

When you engage a breathalyzer test attorney in Columbus, you get advice and guidance on what steps you should take going forward. We can help you investigate what happened when clients were arrested for D.U.I. We can use available evidence to make the best possible case for clients.

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A DUI breath test attorney in Columbus can be of great use for people who have failed a drug test. Our experience shows that we know how these types of tests work and how they relate to the law. Contact us for a consultation.

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