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Civil litigation happens when people cannot resolve disputes over contracts, legal obligations, or money and property. While many of the cases arise from alleged crimes, especially criminal fraud or theft, civil litigation allows people to seek compensation and damages or protect themselves from paying compensation and monetary damages.

Our civil litigation lawyers in Columbus, Ohio represent both plaintiffs and defendants in litigating a broad array of civil matters, including contact and business litigation. The Columbus civil litigation attorneys at Tyack Law have experience in civil matters involving multiple parties, numerous witnesses, complicated factual and legal issues, large volumes of documents, and extensive trials.

We use an integrated approached to legal services, drawing from our experience in our criminal defense and personal injury practices. Tyack Law’s breadth of knowledge and team of experienced civil litigation lawyers in Columbus, Ohio is invaluable in assessing and resolving civil litigation disputes. Our attorneys advise and represent clients who are involved in civil disputes before, during, and after litigation ensues. In each case, our Columbus civil litigation attorneys work closely as a team to bring together decades of trial experience and with our clients to provide a tailored civil litigation strategy.

Types of Cases Handled by Tyack Law's Civil Litigation Lawyers in Columbus, Ohio:

Civil litigation offers remedies for a broad range of disputes, including:

  • Consumer Law: These cases grow out of allegations of breach of trust, failure to deliver, and failure to warn or protect. Examples could include disputes over price guarantees, accusations of bait-and-switch, or selling recalled products.
  • Civil Fraud: Fraud has many faces. It happens when someone claims ownership and control over property they do not own or do not have permission to use. Lawyers call this kind of fraud conversion. Fraud can also involve claiming unearned benefits by, for example, filing false workers’ compensation or Medicare claims. A third type, but by no means last, involves making intentional misrepresentations in order to take another person’s money or property.
  • Construction Litigation: This is a specialized subset of contract law that involves agreements between clients, developers, architects, builders, and subcontractors. Often, a single construction contract places legal obligation on multiple parties, and each party has enforceable rights and duties. Hiring an attorney who has extensive experience reading, understanding, and enforcing construction contracts is often the only way to resolve disagreements and uphold terms.
  • Contract Disputes: Contracts dictate the terms of business transactions, employment, insurance coverage, and the sales of everything from electronics to real estate. An important service a Columbus civil litigation attorney can provide is to prepare and review a contract, so misunderstandings and unintentional breaches do not occur after the document takes effect.
  • Insurance Disputes: Automobile, disability, health, homeowner’s, life, and renter’s policies give policyholders rights and insurers obligations. When a policyholder files a claim, he or she must have the right to do so. The insurer must then respond according to the terms of the policy. As straightforward as that description seems, the relationship between the insured and the insurer contains many tripwires for civil litigation, especially when the response to a claim is that the claimant lacks the right to file.

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