Civil Litigation

Experienced Civil Litigation Lawyers Columbus, Ohio

Civil litigation happens when people cannot resolve disputes over contracts, legal obligations, or money and property. While many of the cases arise from alleged crimes, especially criminal fraud or theft, civil litigation allows people to seek compensation and damages or protect themselves from paying compensation and monetary damages.

Our civil litigation lawyers in Columbus, Ohio represent both plaintiffs and defendants in litigating a broad array of civil matters, including contact and business litigation. The Columbus civil litigation attorneys at Tyack Law have experience in civil matters involving multiple parties, numerous witnesses, complicated factual and legal issues, large volumes of documents, and extensive trials.

We use an integrated approached to legal services, drawing from our experience in our criminal defense and personal injury practices. Tyack Law’s breadth of knowledge and team of experienced civil litigation lawyers in Columbus, Ohio is invaluable in assessing and resolving civil litigation disputes. Our attorneys advise and represent clients who are involved in civil disputes before, during, and after litigation ensues. In each case, our Columbus civil litigation attorneys work closely as a team to bring together decades of trial experience and with our clients to provide a tailored civil litigation strategy.

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