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Drug trafficking is a serious crime, and for many people who are dealing with these charges, it can be confusing to understand to those outside of the legal sector. Thus, it’s important to increase awareness of what exactly defines drug trafficking and the legal ramifications associated with this charge.

What is Drug Trafficking?

Drug trafficking means selling or delivering drugs. In Ohio, drug trafficking is a felonious charge. A felony comes with not just a fine, but it can also result in actual jail time. Furthermore, felonies look bad on a person when they are applying for jobs and engaging in the world in a variety of ways.

No matter how much drugs have been trafficked, it will be a felony, but there are different levels of felonies, which do relate to factors like how much of a drug someone has in their possession, the type of drug, and if the crime involves minors. If a person has a certain amount of drugs, they can still be given drug-trafficking charges, even if you were not selling or distributing drugs.

Types of Drug Trafficking

Drug violations not only depend on how much of a drug you are accused of having in your possession. Drugs are divided into five schedules. These schedules relate to the pre-determined potential addiction of drugs and the medical uses for the drug. Schedule V represents drugs that people are least likely to be addicted to, and they are often used medically, while schedule I drugs are deemed highly addictive and have no medical uses. These classifications are heavily debated, and they don’t solely determine criminal consequences, but they do have an influence on the criminal justice system.

Penalties Related to Drug Trafficking

The penalties of drug trafficking will depend on the exact nature of the charge and the court proceedings. However, these charges can be quite severe. These charges can cause a range of fines and even up to years of jail time. For schedule III, IV, or V drugs, the fine can be up to $1000, while jail time can be up to 180 days. At the top level of charges, the fine can be up to $20,000 and the jail time can be up to eleven years.

As a person has more than the bulk of the drug, their charges, and felony level will worsen. Furthermore, if drug trafficking is done around minors, the felony level and charges will also worsen.

You should also note that drugs like LSD, marijuana, cocaine, and heroin won’t follow the criminal guidelines of their schedule.

How a Drug Trafficking Lawyer in Franklin County Can Help

A drug trafficking lawyer in Columbus, Ohio, can give you a huge advantage if you or a loved one are facing drug trafficking charges. A good lawyer can help you understand the charges associated with drug trafficking and what they entail. We can also come up with a strategy to help our clients make the best legal decisions and get the best outcomes given their scenarios.

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