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All dogs and any animal can attack. When that happens, Ohio law allows the injured victim to seek monetary compensation and damages from the animal’s owner or handler.

As straightforward as that seems, dog bite cases often get very complicated. Both the victim and the owner can benefit from hiring a Columbus, Ohio, dog bite attorney. With quality legal advice and representation, the victim can receive money to pay medical bills and cover a short- or long-term disability. At the same time, a dog owner can rely on an attorney to help him or her avoid paying a settlement to a person who actually prompted the dog to attack.

Who’s Responsible for a Dog Bite Injury or Death?

This question can be hard to answer definitively. Some issue always exists regarding why the dog (or other animal) attacked the person who needed hospital treatment or got killed. For instance,

  • Did the person provoke the dog?
  • Was the person assaulting the dog’s owner or handler?
  • Was the dog in a properly fenced yard or on a leash as required by local ordinance?
  • Was the dog sick?
  • Was the dog fully vaccinated against rabies and other diseases?
  • Did the dog have a history of biting and causing injuries?
  • Does the owner have insurance that covers the dog?
  • Did—and this does happen—the dog’s owner or handler command the animal to attack?

A lawyer who specializes in handling dog bite cases will know how to answer all these questions and others. Even though state laws make it clear that an animal’s owner or handler has legal responsibility for his or her dog’s behavior and whatever harm the dog inflicts, it is a valid defense against insurance claims or lawsuits to show that the person who got attacked put themselves in danger.

A Full-Service Columbus Dog Bite Law Firm

At Tyack Law, you can find a personal injury lawyer or a Columbus dog bite defense attorney. Since our legal team understands and has worked on both sides of animal attack cases, we can provide the best service to our clients. We know what the other side will do, and we know how to respond.

Our Columbus attorneys have more than 50 years of experience resolving insurance disputes. Possessing this practical knowledge is essential when it comes to handling dog bite cases because health, homeowner’s, and animal liability policies may all come into play. A victim and a dog owner often need to contend with multiple insurers of their own, as well the insurers for the other party involved.

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