Contract Disputes

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Contract disputes are a broad category of law that overlays many other categories of civil litigation. Most people are likely to be involved in a contract dispute at some point. When you find yourself being accused of a breach of contract or if you think the other party of a contract has breached the contract, you should immediately find qualified legal counsel to advise you and determine the best course of action. When Tyack Law meets with you we will determine if the contract is valid and enforceable. This is an important first step in establishing if the litigation needs to go to court. Next, we will assess the legal obligations imposed on both parties. Although this may seem apparent, it is important to have an experienced lawyer, like those at Tyack Law, to review the specifics of your contract. Put Tyack Law’s 50+ years of experience to work for you.

Common Causes for Contract Disputes

  • Construction contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Business contracts
  • Sales contracts
  • Real estate contracts
  • Insurance contracts

If you are being accused of a breach of contract or if you are accusing another party in a contract of a breach in contract get in touch with us.

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