Can You Tear a Meniscus in a Car Accident in Ohio?

Can You Tear Your Meniscus in a Car Accident

Unfortunately, knee injuries are highly common in car accidents, and there are many parts that can be injured. A torn meniscus is a common injury in car accidents. These injuries can be painful and make it hard for people to do the things they normally do.

While these injuries are treatable, they can cause long-term pain and result in surgical interventions. Thus, a torn meniscus is not only painful, but it is costly. Some injuries can be more severe than others, but by seeking a personal injury lawyer, you can get the best possible legal outcome based on your injury.

What is a Torn Meniscus?

Your knee has many little parts that come together to allow your knee to move and complete all the functions it completes. The meniscus is a piece of cartilage that helps your knee complete tasks like standing and walking. It has two major parts: the lateral meniscus and the medial meniscus. These parts are basically buffers between your bones. Thus, when these parts are injured, your leg cannot absorb shock, and movement can be really painful.

How a Car Accident Injures the Meniscus

Because car accidents are highly forceful, they result in twisting and unexpected movement in the knee. The meniscus is relatively small, so it can be fragile, which is why it is so commonly injured in car accidents. There are many scenarios that can result in an injured meniscus:

  • Forcefully trying to push the brake
  • The knee compressing as a result of an impact from the front
  • Your knee hits parts of the car
  • Twisting or over-rotation caused by impact

Impacts of a Torn Meniscus

The issues that can result from a torn meniscus:

  • Stiffness
  • Loss of mobility
  • Limited range of motion
  • Swelling
  • Pain and tenderness

Unfortunately, a torn meniscus often causes lasting damage because these tears don’t usually heal on their own. Thus, they may require surgical interventions, including a complete knee replacement. In any case, they cause a lot of pain and can make even short bouts of walking a challenge. While surgical fixes can address the pain, it may take a while before sufferers are able to have their injuries fixed.

Can I Get a Torn Meniscus Settlement?

Yes! A torn meniscus is a serious injury that often requires surgery and is very painful. It can make it hard for people to work and enjoy their lives in the ways they normally do. Even just walking can be a struggle. Additionally, the medical expenses for this injury can be significant. Thus, a legal settlement is appropriate if someone else’s actions have caused your torn meniscus in a car accident.

What About Other Knee Injuries?

The meniscus is a common knee injury in a car accident, but there are other knee injuries that you may suffer because of a car accident. Some of these injuries may occur along with a meniscus injury because multiple parts of the knee can be impacted when you are in a car accident. Torn ligaments, fractures, and sprains can all occur with a torn meniscus. The structure of the knee is very detailed, and damage can be extensive after a car accident.

How Much Can I Get for A Knee Injury Car Accident Settlement?

Many factors influence the payout you will get for a knee injury settlement. A consultation with your legal team can help you understand what kind of damages you can get for your specific case, but some factors that are considered in how much your claim will get you to include:

  • The level of pain you are experiencing
  • How bad is the damage to your meniscus is
  • If surgery is required to repair your injury
  • Strength of evidence showing your injury, its cause, and its impacts
  • The division of fault in the accident

A lawyer can look at your specific case and help you understand what to expect going forward. Cases all look different, so the amount you get from a knee injury settlement will also differ greatly.

What To Do If You’ve Torn Your Meniscus

There are several steps to take if you’ve hurt your knee because of a car accident. For one, you need to take care of any medical needs. Seek medical treatment as soon as you can. Keep a file full of medical records, accident reports, photos, and other documentation of what happened. Additionally, make sure that you keep up with any required medical treatments so that you can include all medical costs in your settlement.

Finding a Car Accident Attorney in Central Ohio

A car accident lawyer in Columbus, Ohio, can help you deal with a meniscus or other knee injury caused by a car accident. You may think that you can handle a claim on your own, but research shows that people who have lawyers in their personal injury cases get better settlements. Finding a lawyer can be intimidating, but when you reach out, law firms will do their best to make you comfortable and answer any questions you may have.

When looking for a legal team, look into the law firm’s background. Make sure that they have a history of dealing with personal injury cases. Even the best lawyers are not the right choice if they don’t have expertise in personal injury law! Make sure that you get along with your lawyer during your consultation because it will be hard to work with someone who doesn’t make you feel secure and confident in your case.

Your personal injury lawyer should strive to do the best work for you, and they should make your life easier, not harder. Legal claims require an effort, and a qualified lawyer should always alleviate that burden. Lawyers cannot make your injury better, but we can help you move forward and create the best possible future for yourself.

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