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At Tyack Law Firm, our commercial and small business litigation attorneys serve business organizations in Columbus, Ohio in defending against and bringing legal claims. Even if a company is five employees or 50, Tyack Law’s dedicated small business attorneys can help a business plan for its legal needs.

As small business litigation attorneys in Columbus, Tyack Law’s lawyers have advised and represented entrepreneurs, family-owned and operated companies, and growing franchises across Ohio for more than 50 years.

We can help companies in all industries in the following areas:

We focus on civil litigation, but we also have strong track records in arbitration, mediation, and alternative dispute resolution. Many small business owners also rely on us to help them comply with wage and overtime laws, zoning regulations, environmental rules, and standard accounting practices. Tyack Law’s knowledgeable and dedicated Columbus small business attorneys also have experience with pursuing copyright infringement claims and defending against commercial civil actions.

Here’s a few categories in which Tyack Law can help businesses lawfully operate:

Wage and Overtime Laws

The state of Ohio has wage and overtime laws that cover everything, including employer and employee rights, including meal breaks, sick leave, voting leave, vacation, wage, and overtime. To avoid being taken advantage of by employees and reduce the risk of misunderstandings leading to lawsuits from employees, it’s pertinent to have a knowledgeable small business attorney on your side. A Tyack Law lawyer can guide you through complex and detailed wage and overtime laws.

Zoning Regulations

Each city has its own zoning regulations that dictate height, length, shape, lot coverage, parking, and other requirements that can affect a small business. In Columbus, Ohio, one of the purposes of zoning regulations is to “ensure the orderly, manageable, and predictable growth of the city.”

Of course, zoning regulations can be complicated and conflict with one another, causing headaches and pauses on construction of new small businesses.

Environmental Rules

Ohio’s government has its own dedicated environmental advocacy arm, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. OEPA investigates and regulates businesses in air and water pollution and has rules and regulations on how much of certain chemicals, gasses, and oils can be released into the environment by certain businesses and small companies. Don’t let you and your business go uneducated about environmental rules for business set by OEPA, call a small business litigation lawyer with Tyack Law Firm to help you understand Ohio’s regulations.

Particularly Attuned to the Needs of Small Business Owners

Tyack Law brings its perspective and experience in handling a variety of cases involving consumer fraud, white collar crime, and conversion to bear when working with our small business clients. Our Columbus small business attorneys have experience with cases involving fraud and unjust enrichment and know how to root out expensive workers’ compensation fraud, enforce contracts, analyze leases and mortgages, and ensure that staff do not bleed a small business dry by misappropriating easy-to-overlook sums over extended periods.

Our commercial attorneys can help entrepreneurs and business owners minimize their legal risks, resolve disputes, and plan for the future.

In the Courtroom or the Boardroom

Whether you need a small business litigation attorney in Columbus, Ohio, for a specific case or want to establish a long-term business relationship with a team of legal experts, consider Tyack Law. We treat each client as a priority and we can answer questions ranging from the basics of incorporation to how to fight penalties for code violations.

Connect with an experienced and hardworking small business law firm today. If you find yourself in a situation that requires small business attorneys, contact one of our Columbus civil litigation attorneys, call (614) 221-1342.

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