Property Disputes

Property Dispute Attorneys Columbus Ohio

Property disputes encompass a wide variety of situations including disputes between landlords and tenants and disputes among neighbors. The issues involved can range from zoning issues, to nuisance claims, or property rights. Additionally, this kind of law includes non-tangible forms of property such as trusts and bank accounts. Tyack Law can put this varied experience on different sides of property dispute to work for you.

Common Causes for a Property Disputes

  • Disputes among neighbors
  • Zoning issues
  • Mechanic’s liens
  • Home owners association disputes
  • Issues with trusts and other bank accounts
  • Nuisance claims

A mechanic’s lien is a common form of a property dispute in which a contractor may attempt to place a mechanic’s lien on a property if he believes he was not compensated for his work on the property. Our attorneys have experience in assisting contractors in attaining a mechanic’s lien and also aiding property owners in removing mechanics liens.

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